When Parents Are Showing Their Age; When It’s Time to Talk About Getting Help For An Aging Loved One

Let’s face it. It’s never easy to discuss elder issues with aging parents or older persons we know or love. Whether it’s a parent, a relative, friend or even a neighbor, talking about when it’s time to get help due to the aging or disease process is never easy. But,

A Caregiver’s Prayer

I need Thee every hour… Lord, I am tired, fatigued, and my faith is running low, I know I need some help, but I’m unsure where to go. So, I am reaching out to You, because I feel so lost, I thought I could do this, but not at such

“Help, I’ve Fallen!” Fall Time is a Good Time for Annual Fall Prevention Awareness

Whether you are a senior or you are a caregiver caring for an aging loved one, falls are concerning … Considering that one out of every four persons age sixty-five and older falls each year, I decided to dig up some additional research for us here. Especially since it was

“I Want to Go Home!” Meeting the Challenge of Placement for Loved Ones with Dementia

Dawn Elledge RN, CCM, CGCM is an independent board certified geriatric care manager who practices expert elder-care coordination services in middle TN. Dawn helps families care for and/or cope with loved ones with dementia. Dawn is also a dementia educator as well as dementia care-giver support group facilitator. When was

“Q & A” From Dawn’s Cases on Medicare Savings Programs, Did you Know…

I get questions every day that help me in continued research for best outcomes, or to be able to offer right solutions, or that simply help me to stay on top of current healthcare issues that my clients, who are caregivers mostly, must face in their caregiving journeys. I always

There’s Never a More Perfect Time Than Now: The When & Why of an Initial Geriatric Care Management Consult

When is the best time to call a board certified aging life care professional such as a geriatric care manager? First of all, let’s list some of the more obvious reasons before we try to break down the more subtle reasons why when you, as an actual or potential caregiver

Communicating Effectively With Aging Parents or Family Members About Aging Parents or Both: When Is It Time For Professional Mediation

One of the most difficult things a person may have to do, is to talk to an aging parent about personal concerns for their safety and welfare, especially if one or both of the parents is suffering chronic illness and/or dementia; both of which create many scenarios for real concern.

Care-giving 101

Some call it the “Delta Principle,” in that taking care of yourself first is in similar fashion to a mother on an airplane that would need to give herself the oxygen mask first, if in flight, something were to go wrong. Taking care of ourselves seems to be taboo since

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