No Two Cases Are Ever Alike

Navigating the Healthcare Landscape is a Matter of Perspectives For some families who contact care management services, the road looks like (or may feel like) a slippery slope full of rocks and dead falls, while to another family, their care-giving journey is nothing more than a deserted island where strange

When Parents Are Showing Their Age; When It’s Time to Talk About Getting Help For An Aging Loved One

Let’s face it. It’s never easy to discuss elder issues with aging parents or older persons we know or love. Whether it’s a parent, a relative, friend or even a neighbor, talking about when it’s time to get help due to the aging or disease process is never easy. But,

Driving & Dementia

Driving and dementia are two different words that don’t typically go together well… According to the National Institute on Aging, by 2020, the BABY BOOMERS will be near retirement ages! People are simply living longer these days, and people are still working beyond usual retirement. With today’s economy, people are

It’s Time for “Spring Teaming”

Spring is a good time to create a healthcare team for an aging loved one. That’s what “Spring Teaming” is all about! Spring is typically a time set aside to clean and organize each year in many homes. It’s also a time to refresh our minds and take inventory of

When Is the Right Time to Start Talking to Older Parents About an Aging Plan?

I am often asked questions similiar to this: “When should I start talking to my aging parents about the concerns for their safety… healthcare… or plans for aging?” My answer is typically something like this: “It’s never too early, but it can get to be too late when a sudden

What is an Aging Life Care Professional? So Glad You Asked

Aging Life Care Professionals offer solutions at times when care-giving gets tough or seems overwhelming. Aging Life Care professionals, or “geriatric care managers” are board certified licensed health care experts with backgrounds in nursing, psychology, social work, gerontology, occupational therapy, and other allied health care practices, focusing on older adults

Office Transition

The one thing about change is that it is a constant in life! Although change can be stressful at times, change can also be good. Change is growth. I have always been so used to having a home-office. It is where my stuff is, so to speak, and since it’s

It’s Not Easy Being a Care-giver

If you have ever taken care of another human being, or another human being has depended on you, then you know what I’m writing about! I am a care-giver. I have been a care-giver now for most of my life. As a nurse, practically right out of high school, I

It Will Dawn On You…

Life is a journey! As a board certified RN geriatric care manager, I have the distinct privilege of meeting families and joining them in their care-giving journeys, and this is where I thrive! At some point most of us will possibly care for another human being along the way. We

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