About Dawn

I am one of nine children, originally from Hendersonville, TN, where I enjoyed growing up in an active community minded family. At eighteen years of age I entered a certified nurse technician class at Nashville Memorial Hospital in Madison, TN, where I learned the art of bedside nursing. I attended St. Mary’s Nursing School in Knoxville, TN, and graduated from nursing school in the early 1980’s. I transferred to the UT/TSU Nashville downtown campus to be closer to home since our mother was diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to be a part of her care team. I soon began my registered nursing career at Vanderbilt in Nashville, in physical rehabilitation medicine. I learned so much in a strictly interdisciplinary driven team approach that landed me in long term care facility consulting. I was also involved in the TN Long Term Care Ombudsman program as a nurse investigator and eventually returned to the clinical setting while obtaining a nurse case manager certification. At that time I realized how unprepared families were for the long haul of caring for an aging loved one or a chronically ill loved one. I knew I wanted to spend more time assisting families with learning more about their long term care options; as I saw a real need for people to be better informed about Medicare and Medicaid choices, or simply what to do and who to call for specific needs in the community in which they lived.

That’s when I was introduced to a career in geriatric care management. It seems as though all of my paths led me to where I am today, putting care into helping every care-giver and giving them more time to care for their loved ones. You could say that I do all of the necessary leg work and problem solving, or mediating with family members as well as various medical providers. It’s always my pleasure to facilitate care-plan meetings at facilities or family meetings in the home where the care is actually given. I attend medical appointments and/or speak with medical providers either on site, face to face or telephonically each day. Each family has it’s own set of issues that they face and it is my goal to help them find the one thing they need the most, and that’s simply, a peace of mind! I truly love what I do, and want to hear from you, too! I welcome new referrals also.

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