What is an Aging Life Care Professional? So Glad You Asked

Aging Life Care Professionals offer solutions at times when care-giving gets tough or seems overwhelming.

Aging Life Care professionals, or “geriatric care managers” are board certified licensed health care experts with backgrounds in nursing, psychology, social work, gerontology, occupational therapy, and other allied health care practices, focusing on older adults or adults with disabilities.

Some of the signs for when a care-giver needs to contact a local geriatric may include when an aging loved one may not be safe living alone, or when an aging loved one seems confused about their own finances, and daily independent choices to maintain optimal quality of life. Often, adult children will seek advice from aging experts, namely geriatric care managers, when an aging loved one has become difficult to discuss safety matters in a reasonable way. Aging parents are perceived as “stubborn” or “difficult,” when in all actuality they are simply trying to hold on to their dignity, while a pervasive defensive posturing occurs without notice. Think of times when you are unable to see past piling needs, concerns or worries in your own life. This just helps to understand from a humanistic standpoint. With aging, feeling defenseless is a natural process that takes place and needs to be dealt with carefully.

There are many helpful senior-care network providers who offer similar services as geriatric care managers, but care-givers must be aware of the differences. The best way to find a degree board certified geriatric care manager is through the Aging Life Care Association’s website; A.L.C.A.

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