Office Transition

The one thing about change is that it is a constant in life! Although change can be stressful at times, change can also be good. Change is growth.

I have always been so used to having a home-office. It is where my stuff is, so to speak, and since it’s at my home, it can be filled with personal decor that may not be work related. A home office is easier to arrive at in the mornings, that’s for sure, and more often than not, wearing pajamas or working over time is easier to do! What convenience, right?

But it’s time for a change. It’s time to move. And so I am. I am moving to an established law office in town, so there should be a sense of nostalgia that will be welcoming. There’s something rich and ageless about being in a law office as if Perry Mason were close by. Downtown. How cool is that!

I am really looking forward to more legal case referrals as well. I do not mind the formality that these cases bring. Order is after all, what needs to happen in each case where pre-planning may have not, typically.

My private geriatric care management practice will still have the same friendly vibe and southern charm it always has. I can’t help being friendly. It’s my personality and God-given nature to love people.

Hi-ho, hi-ho…. it’s off to work I go… downtown!

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