Care-giving 101

How well do you care for you?

Dawn Elledge, Geriatric Care Manager

Some call it the “Delta Principle,” in that taking care of yourself first is in similar fashion to a mother on an airplane that would need to give herself the oxygen mask first, if in flight, something were to go wrong. Taking care of ourselves seems to be taboo since so many care=givers are not taking care of themselves first. Maybe its guilt, or shame or doubt? Who knows.

Here’s the real deal. If you are a care-giver, or even a parent, you must take care of you or who else will? It’s really not rocket science here. If you do not take care of you today, then who will care for those who you take care of tomorrow, should you run yourself down. And you will if not care-ful! Do I need to remind you that your immune system can take so much of dehydration, malnutrition, lack of…

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