When Parents Are Showing Their Age; When It’s Time to Talk About Getting Help For An Aging Loved One

Anytime is a good time to start talking to older loved ones about a “family plan” for aging well!

Dawn Elledge, Geriatric Care Manager

Let’s face it. It’s never easy to discuss elder issues with aging parents or older persons we know or love. Whether it’s a parent, a relative, friend or even a neighbor, talking about when it’s time to get help due to the aging or disease process is never easy.

But, what if we all decided to get proactive and start talking to our aging loved ones BEFORE they show their age or are just too old or ill to listen! What if we were to actually talk to the ones we know and love about long term health and future well being.. intentionally? One of my professional goals as a board certified geriatric care manager is to educate peers and the public at large on why preparing for the care of an aging loved one (or yourself- all of you baby boomers!) is not only wise, but it’s very practical…

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