Driving & Dementia

Dawn Elledge, Geriatric Care Manager

Driving and dementia are two different words that don’t typically go together well…

According to the National Institute on Aging, by 2020, the BABY BOOMERS will be near retirement ages! People are simply living longer these days, and people are still working beyond usual retirement. With today’s economy, people are driving longer too. It’s a wonderful thing to continue working and functioning as independently as one can in their advanced years, but the question remains as to when is it time for a person to consider when it’s unsafe to drive, knowing that as we age, our senses are aging too, causing slower reaction times while driving and creating an unsafe practice, while becoming a social norm?

The funny thing, is that by observation, families are unsuspecting of aging parents who may have some sort of dementia but who still work, or who still seem to be functioning independently, or…

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